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What's this about?
Be the Light® is about doing good things for others - little things… big things… every day – and inspiring others to do the same, spreading joy and making the world brighter and better!

How does it work?
Everything Starts with One Person. One kind person can cause a positive chain reaction! When people experience kindness, they instinctively reach out and show kindness to others. Then good acts start to multiply.


Why do this?
Everyone needs to feel understood, respected, and secure. To they know they are cared about… that they matter. Doing good for others instills hope and joy – the antidote to fear and sadness – and makes the world a brighter, better place!


What can I do?
Start “doing good” things every day above and beyond what you normally do:

Little things:
Say hello to your neighbor. Smile at a passerby. Hold the door open. Let that car into your lane. Share the remote control. Compromise! Give a genuine compliment. Pick up any litter on your street. Say please and thank you to everyone, including your family members. Encourage, no matter how challenging or difficult a situation may be. Listen patiently, even when you’re tired.
Big things:
Visit the residents of a nursing home on a consistent basis. Teach someone to read. Volunteer at a food bank, hospital, or homeless shelter. Help an elderly neighbor. Look for job opportunities for someone who is unemployed or underemployed. Do someone else’s chores. Mentor a child. Volunteer at a veteran-related organization. Tithe. And pray! -- often and always.