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Be the Light Books contain moral and ethical content that inspires, educates and entertains.



Taz, The Special Care Cat

Taz is a rugged old cat with an irresistible face, playful nature, and the curiosity of a kitten. But Taz's advanced years have caught up with him, and he now needs extra special care. Is the well-meaning but impatient young Sara up to the task? Discover the life lessons Taz teaches Sara and how those lessons end up in-turn, helping Taz, in this adorable story about love, compassion and other virtues.
-Fully illustrated / Ages 3-12 / Includes companion CD of book audio and fun song, "My Furry Little Orange Cat."

The Squirrel Outside My Door

No one expected to look outside that morning and see the love of a mother squirrel for her baby squirrel displayed in such a beautiful and poignant manner. This exquisite rhyming story is a touching reminder of the love and fidelity inherent in all God's creatures even in death, as it deals with the importance of treating the body with love and respect for the life it once contained.

- Fully illustrated / Ages 3-12
Coming soon

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Originally released as a song, this colorful rhyming story about the times and places you can pray to God is now available as a delightful children's book with companion music CD.

- Fully illustrated / Ages 2-8

Monster Ball

Marilyn finds herself in a town of creepy ghosts and ghouls who are very scary because they look different than she does. She's worried that she won't live to see another day! But Marilyn soon discovers that they are not interested in her. Rather, they are all dressed up and happily heading to the Monster Ball. Will they invite her to join in on the fun? And once inside, what will Marilyn discover? Enjoy this fun, unique, and colorful story, complete with a happy ending, scary Halloween sounds, and the smash hit dance & sing-along song, Monster Ball, included inside!

- Fully illustrated / Ages 5-12


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John Paul II,

Diamond of the Millennium

This inspirational booklet features observations and revelations about Blessed John Paul II, shared by a diverse group of his devoted, intended to showcase just some of John Paul's many brilliant facets and further reveal the reasons for his beatification. It also contains beautiful prayers of special significance to Blessed John Paul, including several written by the pontiff himself.

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Lead Kindly Light

This unique and inspirational work simply and joyfully invites you to meditate on the beautiful way Jesus comes to us and we to him through the seven sacraments, the seven expressions of Jesus' love for us.

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