Make Every Day Memorial Day

Freedom is never free. It is hard fought, hard won, and hard kept. And with it comes responsibility — to be good stewards of it, and to thank those who have been and those who are instrumental in affording us its bounty.

On this Memorial Day, with prayerful gratitude, let us take time to reflect upon the lives and sacrifices of our brave soldiers, both living and deceased. And let us try each day to live our lives in loving testimony to the fact that we are the Body of Christ, remembering that what each of us does matters, not only to ourselves, but also to our community, and to society. Our actions and inactions affect ourselves and everyone around us. Let us honor those who have gone before us in love and sacrifice – and those who continue to do so – by living godly, others-minded, truly good lives. Let us remember to hold in prayer our brave soldiers who spend their days upholding and defending our freedom. And when we see them, let us remember to thank them.

God bless you and your families and your Memorial Day Holiday, and God bless America!

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